Vinga Fyr

Vinga Fyr

Vinga utgör den yttre gränsen mot det mäktiga Västerhavet. Den röda pyramidformade båken är från 1857. Dagens fyr togs i bruk 1890 är 29 m ö.h och byggd i Vingaporfyr.

Vinga constitutes the outer boundary of the mighty North Sea. The red pyramid-shaped beacon dates from 1857. Today's lighthouse is from 1890, is 29 meters above sea level and is built in Vinga-porphyry.


VINGA comes from the old Danish word 'Hvinge "and means" twisting, turning "and" Raging, alert". VINGA would then be the island where the winds and raging waves froth and dizzy. The first navigation mark was erected in the 1606th Today's lighthouse became operational in 1890.

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